Pelly Bay Nickel

Pelly Bay Nickel
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Pelly Bay Nickel-Copper and Gold Potential

Churchill’s vast 1750km2 Pelly Bay Project on tidewater in Nunavut has demonstrated compelling potential for Voisey’s Bay-type intrusive-hosted Ni-Cu-Co mineralization as well as for shear zone and iron formation-hosted gold mineralization.  These need to be further investigated as only limited metals-focused exploration took place in 2008-2010, as an adjunct to earlier highly successful diamond exploration on the property. Churchill has engaged Goldspot Discoveries (SPOT-TSXV) to compile and generate targets from our $25million exploration database for the project.

Pelly Bay is underlain by Archean/Early Proterozoic (Churchill Province) rocks which host world-class mines at:

• Voisey’s Bay Ni-Cu-Co
• Mary River Fe mines
• Thompson Ni-Cu-Co
• Flin Flon
• Snow Lake Cu-Zn-Au-Ag
• Meadowbank/Amaruq Au
• Meliadine Au
• Raglan Ni-Cu-Co
• Wabush/Labrador City Fe mines

• Pelly received limited base and precious metal exploration 2008-2010, but no integrated focused exploration

• Churchill has hired Goldspot Discoveries to generate targets from ~$25million past exploration database

At the Tunerq Showing a Ni-Cu-Co bearing gossan was discovered in 2008, which returned drill intercepts of 9.1m of






within a broader intersection of 34.8m of






All six short holes in the vicinity of the gossan were mineralized.
Figure 1 - Tunerq gossan and RC drilling from the gossan in 2008

Some 50 other gabbros and ultramafic rocks with possible Ni-Cu potential, as well as numerous geo chem anomalies have been generated for follow-up

Gold Potential:

Gold in banded iron formation (“BIF”) known in several areas

SPOT using gold geo chem & grain data from tills, rock geo chem, geophysics, satellite imagery to generate targets for staking if not already on property – gossan identification key

Initial SPOT work led to staking in March 2021 upon map-staking opening in Nunavut.

Gold-bearing BIF staked by Churchill March 2021 as well as other promising areas exhibiting gold in bedrock, or pristine gold grains in till samples

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