Florence Lake

Florence Lake
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Florence Lake

The Florence Lake property contains high-grade nickel, copper, cobalt PGE mineralization associated with ultramafic volcanic rocks.

The analogous to Northern Quebec’s Raglan Nickel Mine which has multiple orebodies, or Kambalda mines in Western Australia.

The project is located close to local communities, airports, ports and a ferry service.

Florence Lake Infrastructure

• Postville nearby allows for lodging and supplies without a camp in 2021

• Regular scheduled flights and ferries

• Drilling equipment and supplies can be shipped for huge savings

• VTEM Survey can be based out of Postville

• Will establish a camp in 2022 on Florence Lake Block

Florence Lake Geology

Massive and disseminated magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization related to ultramafic komatiitic volcanics in Archean greenstone belt.

Florence Lake Mineralization

DDH FLK92-02 at the Baikie Showing:







over 11.32m (including 10.6% nickel over 0.9m) with the deepest hole at -90m

Grab samples returned up to 9.22% nickel, 0.49% copper, 0.23% cobalt, and 1718 ppb Palladium and Platinum.

Good EM response to known mineralization – VTEM expected in September and follow-up drilling in Spring 2022.

Baikie Nickel Showing

• Vintage magnetics maps the komatiites, but the survey was widely spaced

• New VTEM survey will provide better mag, plus sees deep for EM conductors (metals)

• Numerous shallow +1% nickel intercepts to compile

Baikie Nickel Showing Intercepts

Mineralizedzone confirmed for 110m along strike, vertically to -90m
Pastwork shows zone is open to the west & down-dip, and may extend to the eastbelow -50m
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Technical Reports

These are some reports related to the project

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