Taylor Brook

Taylor Brook
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Churchill optioned Taylor Brook from Altius in late 2020, and has had a busy 2021 carrying out a state-of-the-art VTEMTM Plus time-domain electromagnetic and horizontal gradiometer magnetic survey to better trace the known Ni-Cu-Co near-surface mineralization to depth over the much enlarged project area.  The survey has successfully confirmed that conductors extend to depth at the known showing, but as well that numerous other high priority conductive targets are present.  

The property has been more than doubled in size based on compilations of past exploration, and regional geophysical surveys in the area.

The combined Taylor Brook & Taylor Brook South Property is located ~60km north of Deer Lake, Newfoundland, and is comprised of eight contiguous map-staked licenses containing 500 claims totalling 125 km2.

2021 Exploration Program also included:

  • Complete LIDAR survey coverage of the property for high-precision topographic data
  • Ground follow-up magnetic surveying/prospecting of new VTEM targets in the Layden Showing area
  • Drilling of ~2,500m on VTEM targets and newly identified Layden Magmatic Intrusive gabbronorite host to the known mineralization
  • Geochem, petrography and age-dating of host rocks and mineralization systems at Layden
  • Downhole geophysics on 2021 boreholes
  • Expenditures ~$1.4m

Program successful in showing the Layden Intrusive rocks and mineralization are typical of magmatic nickel deposits, and that considerable strike extent exists for exploration.

                       Taylor Brook Property: 

Taylor Brook is a high-grade magmatic nickel, copper, cobalt +/- PGE project that spans 125km2. The property itself has excellent infrastructure and access, including a permanent camp nearby providing excellent support for operations.

The Layden Showing has now been identified as massive and disseminated magmatic nickel, copper, cobalt +/- PGE mineralization related to a discrete gabbronorite intrusive which lies just 1km west of the large Taylor Brook Intrusive complex.

The 2021 exploration program has identified a cluster of borehole EM conductor plates beneath the Layden Showing that are the focus for Spring 2022 drilling on the Layden Magmatic Intrusive, as well as tracing the Layden Extension across the late, offsetting fault.

Drilling 200m apart beneath Layden Prospect in 2008 returned:

In hole 08-TB-17

1.63% Ni


.36% Cu



+ 0.027% Co
Churchill2021 Grab Samples assayed

4.46% Ni 3.69%Ni

1.07%Cu 0.57%Cu

0.08%Co 0.11%Co

2022 Planned Exploration Program will include:

  • 5,000m of drilling, large loop surface and borehole EM surveys in the Layden Intrusive/Layden Extension Area
  • Regional prospecting/geochem/ground geophysics along the Layden Intrusive Trend onto the Taylor Brook South Property
  • 2,500m of target drilling along the Layden Intrusive Trend
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