Taylor Brook

Taylor Brook
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The 100% owned Taylor Brook Nickel Property is located ~60km north of Deer Lake, Newfoundland, and is comprised of nine contiguous map-staked licenses totalling ~175 km2.

The projects’ tectonic setting along the rifted eastern continental margin of the Canadian Shield Grenville Province (~1.6-1.1 billion years) is typical of known nickel mining camps throughout the world including Voisey’s Bay and Raglan to the north of Taylor Brook.

The property itself has excellent infrastructure and access, including a permanent camp nearby providing excellent support for operations.

Taylor Brook Property: 

Taylor Brook is a high-grade magmatic nickel, copper, cobalt +/- PGE project that comprises a Silurian-aged (~430 million years) layered intrusive complex (Taylor Brook Gabbro Complex) and the adjacent conduit-like Layden Intrusive Trend of similarly aged magmatic rocks in a large ~10km long sill-like feature.

Churchill has expended ~$8m on the project since optioning from Altius in December 2020 including:

  • Additional land acquisition to capture the Taylor Brook Gabbro Complex’ western margin and the southern extent of the Layden Intrusive Trend.
  • Blanket 100m-spaced VTEM and Magnetic airborne surveying.
  • Blanket 50m-spaced Heli-GT detailed magnetic gradiometer surveying.
  • Line-cutting at the Layden, LIT-1 and TBSL-1 areas.
  • Prospecting, geological sampling and ~7,000 soil samples along the Layden Intrusive Trend and western margin of the Taylor Brook Gabbro Complex.
  • Petrographical, lithogeochemical and age-dating studies which have demonstrated the similar ages and geochemistry of the Layden Intrusive Trend and Taylor Brook Gabbro South Lobe rocks.

The core Layden Gabbronorite Area where the original Layden Nickel Showing is located has seen:

  • ~8,000m of core drilling in 33 holes which have outlined the ~300m x 600m wide gabbronorite as well as the internal mineralized intrusive pulses of massive, net-textured and breccia mineralization.

Massive/net-textured sulphides now intersected in ten drillholes with best intercepts grading:

In hole TB 22-15 intersection

2.79% Ni


0.54% Cu

0.05% Co

Churchill channel sample assays  at Layden averaged

3.23% Ni 1.76%Ni

0.75%Cu 0.52%Cu

0.06%Co 0.5%Co

1.54m and 1.7m
  • 2023 work in progress is including expanded CSAMT surveying at Layden, first surveys at LIT-1 and TBSL-1, as well as blanket Mobile MT airborne coverage of the Layden Intrusive Trend and western margin of the Taylor Brook Gabbro Complex.
  • ~500m of shallow drilling for geological relationships at Layden using innovative Winkie drill rig from contractor MCL Drilling
  • ~5,000m of deeper drilling targeted on prominent CSAMT conductor targets at Layden.

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