White River

White River
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Churchill spent 2019 consolidating the vast majority of the White River diamond district into our property, and now controls all but a small package held by major Rio Tinto.  White River hosts ~20km of diamond-bearing kimberlitic dykes, which have been shown to be 2-30m in width and therefore represent large-tonnage targets.  The project needs systematic trenching along the dyke trends, and drilling of pipe-shaped magnetic targets, to define the “sweet spot” of highest diamond grades for further prioritized evaluations.

Located on The Trans-Canada Highway in New Diamond District

●     Churchill is the first junior in the area of discoveries by Rio Tinto and DeBeers

●     Rio’s significant Rabbit’s Foot discovery is completely surrounded by our White River Property, which captures the entire White River Kimberlite Field

●     De Beers discoveries (5 kimberlites confirmed thus far) to the north

The Hemlo Area projects provide 12-month field access and low working costs

●     White River Property has diamondiferous kimberlitic dyke already confirmed, further targets to be prospected, sampled and trenched in 2020 leading to drilling

●     All 5 kimberlitic dykes captured by Churchill, as well as numerous pipe-like magnetic targets

●      Property expanded ten-fold to 28,900 ha (~289km2) to consolidate the district

●     Churchill’s new claims will be surveyed with airborne magnetics in 2021/2022

●     Churchill’s geologic crews can target some 75known easily accessed sites on the dykes and pipe targets with trenching to isolate the highest diamond contents

●      Drilling can follow immediately on the trenching success

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