Nickel: An Essential Component to Modern Life


During the COVID-19 pandemic and an impending climate crisis, mining sustainable materials has become even more essential for the health of the general economy, and the adaptive healthcare, and green-energy sectors. With advances in technology, construction, and medicine, Nickel is an essential component to modern life.

From the mines, Nickel is originally converted into first-use products like alloys, including Ni-200 and stainless steel, where it is then carefully constructed to end-use products used for engineering, electronics, transportation, and building materials.

As of 2020, nickel is mined internationally throughout 25 countries, with Canada being one of the largest nickel-mining nations in the world.

Environmentally, Nickel is a malleable, corrosion-resistant, non-ferrous metal which allows it to undergo re-use and recycling without losing key-properties. For Nickel, the rate of effective first-time use is high due to its value to global production.

With a high reputation both economically and environmentally, the international demand for Class 1 Nickel continues to grow. Sourced from nickel-sulphide mines, Class 1 Nickel is the first choice for high tech projects including transportation and electronics.

This uprise in demand is important for mining companies, but is also an opportunity for investors who aim to capitalize on Nickel’s utility throughout the supply chain.

Used extensively in battery operated projects, Nickel continues to dominate the market of rechargeable batteries ranging from commercial use to individual applications.

In healthcare, Nickel is used for rechargeable batteries within ventilators, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines, and are vital in maintaining a hygienic and sterile environment.

Technologically, electronic vehicles have seen a surge in demand for sustainable batteries and minimal carbon emissions. In fact, by the year 2030, the nickel needed for batteries used to operate Electric Vehicles like those in Tesla, are projected to increase 14 times in demand growth.  There are virtually no new nickel mines in development to meet this surge in demand.

Nickel is of the most important metals in modern life with its diverse uses throughout the industrial supply chain, recyclability potential, and growing projections to dominate renewable energy markets.

With its ability to be recycled and reused at a minimal environmental cost, Nickel is one of the most important elements in the present-day.