Churchill's management understands the shared value that exploration and mining can bring to rural Canada, as well as the risks that must be managed through disciplined, responsible and sustainable work programs. The company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection and community engagement for all of its projects.

Churchill is committed to delivering shareholder value through mineral exploration and development by ensuring all of its employees and contractors embrace the following best practices:

Health and Safety

Churchill is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment by following strict safety and health standards and protocols that meet or exceed industry standards and applicable government codes and regulations, in all jurisdictions in which it does business.

Protection of Environmental and Cultural Heritage

Churchill is committed to meeting or surpassing all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, permit and license requirements, and to continuously monitor its environmental performance and practices. Churchill conducts all work programs with due regard for the protection of the environment, including flora, fauna and sites of natural, cultural and historical significance. The Company assesses the potential environmental impacts of all work practices and provides comprehensive work permit applications that address all aspects to the satisfaction of the overseeing regulatory bodies, to ensure that we minimize, mitigate and manage risks.

Social Responsibility

Churchill strives to build and maintain good corporate citizenship in the areas we work, and as a standard approach to all business practices. The Company is committed to contributing to the communities in which it operates by hiring local personnel and contractors, procuring supplies locally, and engaging fully to pre-clear field programs. The Company respects the cultures and customs of the peoples and places in which it operates.

Churchill will put a priority on creating mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships with the communities and First Nations where it operates as its project mature, respecting their interests and aspirations.  The Company engages in open and transparent dialogue with governments, communities, indigenous peoples, organizations and individuals on the basis of respect, fairness and meaningful consultation and participation.

Churchill is committed to responsible mineral exploration and forging lasting and respectful, mutually beneficial relationships with the Indigenous communities in the areas we operate in Canada.